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Upgrade and edit your track with the world’s best mixing & mastering engineers and professional studios.

With Amadei you can find everything you need in one place. From automatic mastering services to services provided by successful and well-established companies.

Professional mixing and mastering can ensure that your track sounds it’s absolute best. Your song will stand out to record labels, streaming services and digital distributors.

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Our task is to help you get to the next level and to make your tracks comply with all standards and regulations. You can choose the mixing and mastering services at any level, depending on what you need to create.


On-line mastering

Available for $ 7.99

You can check your mastered track preview and make changes in mastering BEFORE you PAY.

Amadei’s online mastering service allows you to get 3 sound versions of your track in the fastest and most economic way.

After we have received your audio file, our mastering engine analyzes it and applies just the right amount of various audio processing ingredients to make it sound powerful and crystal clear.

This is made possible by new technology that employs machine listening, classification and different audio processing tools such as a compressor, EQ, limiter and stereo imaging.

Beginners use it as a first key step to develop their repertoire at a professional level.

Professional Dj’s and artists use this opportunity to make their tracks ready for a quick pre-test.


Digital Mastering

Available for $ 40 per track

Professional studio mastering helps your songs stand out to the standards of labels, streaming services and digital distributors. Your tracks will sound the same both in the club and in the concert hall or on iTunes.


Studio Analog Mastering

Available for $ 100 per track

Master your tracks in our well-equipped studios, using hi-end analog gear in all necessary audio formats and get them sounding great and full of life, either for vinyl or digital releases.



Available for $ 200 per track

Our mixing engineers will transform your separately recorded steams (drums, bass, vocals, guitars, etc.) into release-ready songs.

We’ll get your mix as far as it can go by adjusting levels, panning, and using time-based audio effects (chorus, reverb, delay).

A crystal clear and well-balanced mixdown is the final step before mastering. This makes your songs ready to arrange according to label standards.

This option comes without mastering your record.


Mixing + Mastering

Available for $ 250 per track

Our mixing and mastering service delivers you from the point where you have separate tracks to the point where you have a ready-to-release commercial song. Send us your tracks. Tell us your vision. Get quick answers for your requests. Contribute your details during the mixing and mastering process. Be ready to get to a level where you are able to work with labels constantly.

Efficient and comfortable for professionals. Indispensable for beginners. Test now. By the end of the process, we are sure you will get exactly what you need.s We offer a satisfaction guarantee on your first order, or your money back!


Mixing + Mastering + Sound design

Available for $ 500 per track

Make your songs brilliant for whatever purpose you need, with sound design & track finalization from Amadei.

  • We’ll take over where you left off, bringing your track up to a finished, high-quality product.
  • We do not create or add melodies - we respect our artists
  • You will keep full ownership of your song.
  • Production time is between 2 to 30 days depending on complexity.
  • You are in full control and can accept or refuse changes, for a maximum of 4 revisions.
  • Mixdown is included.
  • This is a non refundable purchase
Attention! Be sure to include in the comments links to all of your source files in one zip archive.

Requirements for Mastering: 24 bits or higher, 44.1 kHz, WAV, -6 dB of headroom with no compression on the master.
Requirements for Mixing: export all channels individually of your song (all stems at 00:00 till end of track), all in 24bits 44.1 kHz WAV, the sends/FX sent as extra channels as well.

Please provide a reference of what you want in the notes: either an artist, label, sound description or a song name.

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